3 Thunder Lightening SEO Tips to Get Traffic Flood to Your Website


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It’s about time I haven’t updated you guys with the SEO tips due to the wonderful contributions being done by the guest members and still more are coming in to add value to SEOTipss.com with their contributions. Today I just got hold of the 3 main tips to share which are still in race of doing remarkable SEO and can become a cause of traffic flood towards your website.

Lets strike the thunder lightening SEO tips one by one:

In Depth Research and Analysis of Keyword

It is the most initial stage which decides whether your website will get traffic and ranks or it may fail as a cripple. It is where an SEO needs to think like as an internet marketer rather applyingSEO Keyword Analysis conventional keyword analysis. Ask yourself what is your website about? What is your nature of business? Brainstorm as many related keywords as you can and hop on to the Google Keyword Tool for further in depth analysis. Paste all the keywords in the keyword tool and let the tool do the job for you. Remember; always target a long tail keyword because a keyword is a genuine keyword which consists 2 or more words. Analyze the traffic against all keywords, analyze the competition level against the keywords which describes the intensity of others investing in organic and paid search results, analyze the global searches, analyze local searches and the CPC(Cost per Click).

The keywords are still not finalized yet, just screened so hop on to Google insight after selecting your keywords and analyze the target market of yours, target audience, target regions, etc which give you a hawk eye view that which keywords have more potential in perusing further in your target market. The keyword must deliver some meaning to visitors and people must cater the need of online audience.

Investing in PPC (Pay Per Click)Pay Per CLick

Here comes the 2nd thunder of Search engine marketing and it’s about paying per click advertising. It comes under Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies which also brings loads of traffic guaranteed from the search engines. It’s a paid advertising campaign running allowing you to manipulate as many times as you want and create an ad for the visitors according to Google guidelines. Catchy title, pursuing description and a good optimized landing page. Make your ad as WOW as you can and optimize it according to the keyword. Create campaigns, add ad groups, create impressive ads and set a bid according to Google suggestion and get your ad eligible for top 3 positions in the paid results. Believe me, it takes some heavy investment but if your ad is in top 3 positions, then your website will get flooded by visitors.

Video MarketingOnline Video Marketing

The last thunder blazing SEO tips are for doing marketing via videos which is in today’s world the most effective. Videos are really liked by Google and good videos are always endorsed by people. Start with a creative idea and build your short videos. Optimize your video with related keywords in the title, description and tags. Now search for popular video sharing websites like You Tube and share the video there for users. Video marketing is the latest trend in viral marketing strategy for an SEO and it really brings loads of traffic which pull more visitors towards the website if the video is catchy and interesting.

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