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As we all know about and enjoy the new feature of Google +1, it is till yet considered to be amazing feature of Google. As an SEO, we understand the concept and logics involved behind this great button which represents the best quality information or website liked by how many users online. Today I will show you the other side of this amazing tool which seems to be so catchy but on the other hand the excessive usage of this +1 button have a very horrifying face which made me bite my nails as well.

This SEO News just broke pout yesterday when Kenneth C. Wisnefski challenged this +1 button byGoogle Plus 1 and Panda giving a very sensible logic about its illegal usage in SEO firms. Well that’s even opened my brain as well, that this is really true because as an SEO professional, I also provide my readers with the SEO tips for using this Google +1 button effectively.  It is understood that Google +1 button is acting the same as the buttons of Facebook’s “Like” and Twitter’s “Tweet” but the difference is that, Google is preferring to facilitate the websites who gets more hits on +1 button effecting their search results visibility.

Sounds cool but it isn’t! As Google Panda was introduced to control the content farming being produced by many SEOs, simultaneously getting excessive hits on +1 button is definitely is going to be the next strategy of SEO. Right? Well there is a huge difference in getting natural hits VS the unnatural hits. I have done a bit research on this issue and found that many SEOs are really acting upon this unnatural SEO strategy of getting +1 hits to make their website more visible in the SERPs. This is called click farms in other words and many SEO firms are implementing this strategy. It made me surprised too!

It is also proved that getting clicks on +1 button on the Google ads, effects positively on the PPC (PayPPC and Google Plus 1 Button Per Click) campaigns. I think Google algorithm is so clever that it does actually knows about such unnatural clicks, ultimately which effects negatively on the website for which SEO is being done. Due to unnatural clicks of Google +1 button the website may get penalty, lose reputation on the internet and even can be kicked to the last pages of search results.

I would recommend for SEOs to re-strategize their SEO plans and try to get as natural clicks as they can as natural +1 hit are of more value than click farming. Click farming is a black hat practice and I would prefer to avoid such practice while implement ting on client’s website.

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Kent Mauresmo August 4, 2011 at 6:43 am

The engineers at Google are really smart. They have the smartest people in the world working for them, so some small time SEO company who thinks they can outsmart billion dollar company has another thing comming.

Trying to cheat Google is like trying to upload a virus to the Norton Anit-Virus website. They know all the tricks, so your success is slim to none.
Kent Mauresmo recently posted..Top 3 Social Bookmarking TipsMy Profile

Faisal August 4, 2011 at 9:22 am

Hi Kent,

I totally agree to your opinion because according to my survey there are few or more SEO companies that guarantees more and more +1 hits will be coming on the website. May be they are unaware of the knowledge and experience of Google team. Natural +1 hits are much much better than going for the illegal ones.

Tom October 6, 2011 at 10:12 pm

I don’t agree that getting ‘illegal’ pluses is a bad thing, while the user may not actually be interested in the content, it is the same as an ad in the sense that they may be interested when they see what they are plusing, even though they are just ‘farming’ them on websites. It has proven to boost sales, and not through search results alone.

Faisal October 7, 2011 at 4:16 am

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply. I agree to your opinion to some extent as it depends the likeness of the content but doing frequent pluses to your content in a short time scale should be catered by Google which I think, algorithm doesn’t deals in it at the very moment. Getting pluses do increase sales and popularity but in future it may result in demoting the search quality of search engines.

What are your thoughts?


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